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WitStock is held outdoors. The site plan is changing in 2024 - the stage location will be different which means stalls will be much closer to the action.
Stallholders will need to provide their own 3x3m gazebo and table/chairs etc. Gazebos of a different size must be agreed in advance. Please consider weights for gazebo legs as it can be windy on the field. Please bring black sacks for rubbish, which must be left in the wheelie bin at Chichester Hall. Recycling should be taken home. There are limitations on products which can be sold / given away on site. Please contact the organisers before booking if your stall may have food products, alcohol, or any type of raffle or lottery.
Stalls at WitStock will be open from 12-4pm. WitStock will continue until the evening with pre-agreed vendors able to stay later.

Access to WitStock;
All stallholders will have vehicular access to the field, between 8
 am and 11:30 am to bring equipment and products to their stall. Vehicles must follow the matted roadway and may not drive on the grass. This means there may be a short walk between your vehicle and your stall site (max 15m). All vehicles must leave the field by 11:30am unless pre-arranged. Stallholders will be directed to parking nearby. Stallholders will be able to drive back onto the site after 4pm, to load up their vehicle. 

The organisers are looking into providing wi-fi for stallholders but c
annot confirm whether this will be possible as yet. Unless confirmed, please assume there will be no wifi available.

If you have further questions please email.


To make a booking or enquiry to be part of WitStock please complete the booking form below. After your form has been received / checked by the team, you will receive a payment link via email. Pitch fees for stallholders for 2024 are £30. Pitch fees for food and drink vendors will be advised when booking is confirmed. Stall pitches for charities / non profit organisations are waived. More information for stallholders can be found at the bottom of the page..

To complete the booking form from a mobile device please go to this page
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